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Life is a continuous path of choices. Everything we say or don’t say, everything we do or don’t do; they’re all choices. The choices we make accumulate to make us who we are as people, and define the journey our lives will take. Sometimes we don’t have a choice. Sometimes things happen *to* us over […]

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Cover up those wounds

The weather’s lovely here in the UK right now, and although it’s nice to get out ‘n’ about, it does raise the annual issue of whether  to hide or show our self-injury scars. This of course is a personal decision. I, personally, prefer to keep mine hidden unless with people I love and trust. It’s […]

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NICE consults on draft recommendations for the longer-term management of self-harm

NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) is developing a clinical guideline on the longer-term care of adults, children and young people who self-harm. As part of this process, draft recommendations have been published on the NICE website for public consultation. This new guideline will follow on from the NICE guideline on the short-term […]

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