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Self-Injury Awareness Day is on the 1st of March every year, as it has been for for well over twenty years.

SIAD is an international event that is recognised across the globe.

LifeSIGNS is proud to have supported Self-Injury Awareness Day since we launched in 2002, and we’re the number one resource for SIAD material.

Raising awareness about self-injury is incredibly important. Awareness leads to understanding and empathy, banishing judgment and fear, and reducing the number of people who feel alone and suffer in silence.

Raising awareness is about educating people who do not self-injure, and reaching out to people who do.

#SIAD 1st March

#selfinjury #selfharm

Use the #SIAD hashtag across your social networks. Beware when browsing though, in case spammers post nasty stuff.

Find us on all the networks.

Self-Injury Action Day

Maybe we need to go beyond awareness and take action against injustice and ignorance, acting to improve the processes of our healthcare services and the empathy of our friends and family.


This year, we have six messages and nine photo variants! So pick n choose, mix n match!

Save and share SIAD graphics

Two ways to save an image:

  1. Right-click with your mouse and ‘Save image’.
  2. Long-press on your phone.

Don’t do a screenshot – that’ll make the image smaller and lower quality.

The images are bigger than shown below; follow the instructions to get the full-size graphics.

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Self-injury and self-harm

"Self-injury is a coping mechanism. An individual harms their physical self to deal with emotional pain, or to break feelings of numbness by arousing sensation."

It’s about coping. The harmful actions, the differences between self-injury and self-harm, are not as important as recognising that the person is in distress, and trying to cope.

There doesn’t have to be mental illness involved for mental and emotional stress to drive a person to hurt themselves – to seek relief and release from the distress.

Anyone at any age

It’s not a teen thing, it’s not a girl thing. People from any background or any age might turn to self-injury as a way to cope with overwhelming emotions. Read more about male SI, autism and SI, and a trans man’s experience.

Some adults discover self-injury in later life, while others return to it after many years.

Myths and harmful tropes

When you’re all alone with your self-injury, with nobody to talk to, it can be easy to believe what people say about you. Bullies use stereotypes to make you feel worse about yourself.

Read the myths – what would you add?

Awareness orange ribbon circle. Self love not self injury.

What you can do

LifeSIGNS can provide the resources and support, but we alone cannot fight stigma and educate everyone – we need your help. If you want people to understand self-injury better, then you need to do something, and we’re very happy to help you.

This year, we’d like to ask every single one of you to choose at least one action from the following list, and do it not only for SIAD, but for yourself. If you’d prefer to live in a world where people understand self-injury and don’t judge, where you can talk freely about mental health instead of being trapped in silence, then it’s our shared responsibility to educate our friends, family members, and healthcare providers. We’ll provide the resources, and we’d like you to do your bit by using those resources now.


Quick SIAD list

  1. Subscribe to our newsletter – it’s vital we get organised! Standby for recruitment info.
  2. Follow LifeSIGNS on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (and LinkedIn if you’re a health care pro of any kind).
  3. Download your fave images from the choice of 54, above. Share across social and into groups.
  4. Download our fact sheets.
  5. Share our pages and blog articles across social.
  6. Write for us! Contribute a blog article to express your experience, or work with us to create a reference page.
  7. Donate a quid or two each month. We are rebuilding our organisation and need your help.

Contact LifeSIGNS

This year (2023) we don’t want to talk with the media – our members and supporters can do the talking.
If you must contact us, please email
We especially welcome blog article submissions :)
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Organisation Announcements

The next 21 years

LifeSIGNS is back, or at least we will be once we’ve recruited a new management team and redeveloped our approach to awareness and support.

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We’ve been talking about self-injury since 2002




  • Escort gaziantep

    Gaziantepli arkadaşlarımın samimiyeti, şehre olan sevgimi daha da arttırıyor. Burası gerçekten güzelliklerle dolu!

  • Unwanted Life

    I didn’t know this day existed, but I’ll be ready for it for next year

  • Peiton

    Our school is currently looking for future fundraising and awareness ideas, and as somebody who has struggled with self-harm/injury, and knowing multiple people who have experienced it, I think this is definitely a good idea for our school. Even though I have overcome self-harm/injury (at least for now), I still believe that this is an important issue and I really appreciate what you all do, because seeing all of this support has really helped me in my journey to overcoming it. So thank you, for helping not just me but many others all around the world <3

  • Jack

    As a previous and current sufferer of depression and self-harm, self-harm has been a pretty big deal for me, especially if people make jokes about it as they have no idea of what that person is going through. Thank you for doing this every single year. I’ll be making sure to wear something orange next year

  • Laura

    I don’t have an orange wristband so I took orange strings to school an shared it with most of my classmates. Everybody thought it is an amazing idea. I’ll do it next year too.

  • Bread

    Wrote a post on my blog –

  • Jacey Gregory

    Me and my friend are doing an assembly about it in our high school to raise awareness as we feel it is not talked about much in schools.

  • Wedge

    Kay, you can’t help others if you’re risking your own health – you could send yourself over the edge and then you wouldn’t be able to help anyone for ages. It’s better to focus on proper self-care first so that you can support others in a sustainable manner.

    Like they say on airplanes, “put on your own air mask before helping others with theirs”.

    But glad you’re feeling good.

  • kay

    I am participating. And I really feel good about it, just to know that others are doing the same thing I’m doing and going through hard times makes me really feel bad and all I want to do is help.

  • Wedge

    Kitty, Christina – good stuff. Courageous. Best wishes for the year ahead to you.

  • Christina

    I wrote my story, I shared it with friends and now they are sharing it on their facebook pages.

  • Kitty

    I told my principal at school today and she said that she will make an announcement about it


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