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Exclusively for professional healthcare workers and youth leaders, we present our information services tailored to you needs

Welcome to LifeSIGNS for Professionals, an area of our website dedicated exclusively to professionals who work with people who self-injure or self-harm, including counsellors, healthcare workers, psychologists, psychotherapists, doctors, youth workers and carers.

LifeSIGNS is a user-led voluntary organisation run by Wedge and Jules. This new section of our website is the culmination of over seven years’ experience that Wedge has gained, not only from working with people who self-injure but from training professionals and health care workers across the UK.

We offer training packages throughout the UK and have experience of training all sectors of professionals working with self-injury, from youth leaders to doctors.

In addition, we are frequently requested to speak at conferences and will be hosting our own in the near future.

We are currently expanding our downloadable publications and would welcome your comments and fresh input / ideas.

We aim to continuously develop, update and expand the services and information we are able to offer our professional members, and would be happy to hear your suggestions and requests for anything you would like to see included.

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View our organisation page on LinkedIn and follow LifeSIGNS for professional matters.

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