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Telling your friends and family

Scars on wrists can often be covered by bracelets or watches. For scars on arms long-sleeves are the obvious option, but there are other choices.. In the summer when it is hot you might prefer a vest top with an open shirt so that your arms are still covered.

Another option is to wear the sort of elasticated bandage that people use for sprains, or tubi-grip bandages. This means you can still wear short sleeves and cover your scars in a way that other people won’t be too curious about.

For scars on legs jeans, trousers, long skirts and tights can be worn. Some people might suggest that you’d be cooler in the summer wearlng less, so be prepared for such queries.

Covering up in general, ensures that you’re in control of who knows, and who talks to you about SI, but if you do show your scars, you will find that attention is given to them, so consider how you feel about that.


  • Timmins, C

    Online shopping works well if you refine your search to long sleeve only. I would spend hours in the shops looking for sleeves and often feel really disappointed when I couldn’t find anything to suit. Next and New look have some lovely long sleeve dresses. Also, I love Cami tops (Next UK, Lipsey) come in some lovely feminine designs, I wear them with a lightweight boyfriend cardigan these come in all colours and can be bought on Amazon, Next, New look. Hope this info helps as I have spent years trying to cover up but still look attritive and feminine without having to wear baggy jumpers all the time.

  • geo

    I am still self harming myself and what do I do to keep them covering up.

  • Christina B.

    Just thought I’d lend a couple suggestions for covering up if people want to wear long sleeves (I live in Georgia, USA, so it gets super hot here)…. Cotton and other natural fibers are always a lot cooler than synthetics like polyester. Also, loose-knit sweaters are great for breathability and privacy. They come in a variety of sleeve lengths, depending on what you need. Another option to cover up in a cool way are those silk scarves- you can wear them like a shawl, wrapped around your arms.

    Hope these tips help! I do think people should wear what makes them comfortable, whether or not you’re revealing your scars or staying more private about them.


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