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Please donate each month via PayPal

While I’d love to hit you up for a couple o’ hundred quid, to sustain LifeSIGNS in the long term we really need dependable monthly donations.

Please could you consider donating £1.50 or £2.50 every month?

It’s easy – tick the box that says ‘Make this a monthly donation’ when you donate through PayPal. Go to our donate page and click the official PayPal button to start. Tick the box to help us every month. (You don’t have to have a PayPal account to donate with your card.)

A few people have done this for us for years, and it’s really appreciated. LifeSIGNS does not need much money – as a volunteer charitable organisation, our management team do all the work. Yet many of the online services we use are beginning to charge, and of course we’ve been running our website for over 20 years.

To reinvigorate our approach to self-injury awareness and develop direct and indirect support channels for people in distress, we need a sustainable income. Your support not only keeps the organisation alive but will help grow our impact.

Thank you very much.


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