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They’re not too pretty and they’re permanent – always and forever a reminder of your past actions

Self injury can result in scarring. Scars may fade within the first two years, but scars are permanent.
Scar Biology

The skin is made up of two layers, the upper (epidermis) and the lower (dermis) on top of the subcutaneous [under-skin] fat. When we damage the dermis, scar tissue is formed from collagen. Depending on the severity / depth etc. of the damage, and the subsequent treatment received in the critical 3 week healing window, the scar will be minor or hypertrophic.

It has been observed that deep cuts often cause raised, hard, itchy hypertrophic scars; often as wide as the cut was deep.

Scar Treatments

If you do have a fresh wound, do consider hygiene; an infected wound has a higher chance of greater scarring.

Clean the wound as First Aid information suggests, and bandage or use a plaster.

For wounds that you do not expect to ‘close’ on their own, please consider visiting your hospital Accident & Emergency Department for assessment and possibly stitches. However, we fully recognise that some people feel unable to go to hospital with self-injury wounds, and in those cases we highly recommend ‘skin closure’ plasters, that can be purchased from chemists such as Boots in the highstreet, or from their website. See their skin closure product for an example.

For fresh scars or even older scars you may find that Elastoplast Scar Reduction Patches help reduce the scar. They can be expensive and may require a month of treatment, please see scar reduction products at Boots.


  • Zoe

    I’ve been self harming for years now. I’m not sure what to do as I can’t stop self harming but my skin needs to heal.

  • Sophia

    I ha e one hypertrophic scar on my left arm, but it has red blotches under the skin. Is this a cause for concern?

  • Stephanie

    I self harmed about 3 weeks ago and my scars are healing but they are still visible. I was just wondering how I could get rid of them quickly and what clothes you think I can wear because I can’t wear any short things or my scars will show.

    • Wedge

      Hello Stephanie, please see our scar reduction page. I’m sure you know that you might want to wear trousers, longer skirts, and dark tights.

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