Telling someone

‘Coming out’ about self-injury.

Adult self-injury

Self-injury is not a teen thing.

Men and self-injury

Guys hurt too.

LifeSIGNS – Self-Injury Guidance & Network Support

We provide fantastic information about self-injury and while we never tell anyone to ‘stop’, we do support people as and when they choose to make changes in their lives.

LifeSIGNS is the user-led small charity creating understanding about self-injury. Founded in 2002, it’s our continuing mission to guide people who hurt themselves towards new ways of coping, when they’re ready for the journey.


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Our fact sheets are written for different people; Download them for your friends, colleagues, parents, and teachers.


2020 : 89000people
2019 : 92000people
2018 : 110504people
2017 : 133224people
2016 : 160919people
2015 : 127424people
2014 : 83415people

As you can see, LifeSIGNS is getting busier. If you’re from the media and would like to talk about self-injury awareness and self-injurious behaviour, get in touch.

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Self-injury myths

DragonOut-of-date thinking

People still believe these awful myths.

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Everyone at LifeSIGNS is a volunteer, with personal experience of self-injury.
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