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Write about your experiences; see your nickname up in lights! Articles are more precious than gold, more valuable than money!

Photo by taylorkoa22We invite you to be involved with the development of the website, and to submit articles relating to self-injury, self-harm and emotional welfare to us for publishing. You might like to tell us about what has helped you overcome self-injury, or how you might have helped a friend or family member who self-injures.

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Articles should be 200 to 500 words in length.
  • Please understand your piece may be edited, and will only be published if suitable, and as and when we decide to do so. You agree to give LifeSIGNS permission to publish (on the website and/or in the Newsletter) while retaining the copyright of your original piece.
  • Please submit articles via email, in a Word Processed document format. We suggest you use RTF format which all word processors can produce.
  • Please avoid graphic descriptions of self-injury, and refer to the LifeSIGNS Message Board rules if you are unsure of what is and is not appropriate.
  • Please reference any and all books and websites that you have quoted or been inspired by.
  • Let us know what name we should use for you; you may of course remain anonymous. LifeSIGNS likes to use first names.
  • Articles generally need to fit into one of our sections, such as: “What self-injury is” and “Helping You (with your SI and with your emotional life)” and “Guidance for Family Members and Health Care Professionals”
  • Articles need to be written in such a way that a 14 year old can appreciate what we’re saying, and a well educated professional can still enjoy / learn from the article.
  • Articles should not, in general, be written in the ‘first person’, although personal stories from people with direct experience of healthcare / self-injury are of course welcome.
  • By submitting an article to LifeSIGNS, you give us permission to review and edit it (although this will not usually change your article, and will generally be done with your approval) and publish it in any of our publications; web, blog, newsletter etc.
  • You grant LifeSIGNS a permanent, non-exclusive licence to publish your article; we ask that you don’t publish your article anywhere else for two months, after which time you are free to publish it elsewhere.

Email your submission document to, it will then be reviewed by one or more Directors.

Thank you kindly!


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