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We’re 9 years old today

Today we are celebrating our 9th Birthday! Oh yes, it’s been 9 years since Wedge formed our organisation, then known as LifeSIGNS.

It’s a quiet celebration this year as we’re hoping to celebrate in style next year, but we’re as busy as ever planning our future and continuing to provide all the resources that we know our members find so helpful.

We have several new projects in the pipeline, and we’re also in the process of welcoming a new Director to our team – but I’ll leave it to Wedge to announce that exciting news in the coming weeks :)

What we’ve achieved so far as an org has been remarkable, especially considering that we have no funding. It seems that organisations can’t even get off the ground these days without a huge grant or lottery funding; but we have survived and thrived solely on the donations of our loyal supporters and the hard work of our volunteers.

Wedge says:

I founded our organisation in order to make a difference; to raise awareness about self-injury and to help and support those affected by self-injury. And we know from the numerous messages of thanks and support we receive that we really do achieve this on a daily basis. Everything we do, we do voluntarily for the benefit of our members, supporters and visitors from around the world. Running FirstSigns is hard work, make no mistake; but every minute is worthwhile.

Thank you so very much to all our lovely volunteers who give their time for free moderating our Message Board and running our Facebook Page and Group. We couldn’t keep going without you and we appreciate every minute of your time that give us.

Thank you also to all the kind and generous people who have donated money to help us continue our work. Every pound we receive really does make a difference.

As always I am very proud to be a part of FirstSigns, and I’m looking forward to continuing and expanding our work throughout our tenth year. 


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  • Dr Andy Barton-Breck

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FIRSTSIGNS! – the work you do for so many people is absolutely! priceless!


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