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Self-injury awareness films for Scottish schools – get involved

Schools in Scotland will soon have some extra resources to focus on self-injury, as a series of short films is being produced by MCC that will help pupils talk more openly about self-injury and emotional health.

You can help – your voice is needed; if you live in Scotland and are between 11 and 17 years old and would like to share your personal experience of self-injury / self-harm, get in touch and we’ll send your details on to the film makers.

MCC has a fantastic track record of making sensitive films for the NHS and the Samaritans, and they simply need a couple of hours of your time. You’ll talk to the film crew (three people) about your life and how self-injury affects you, and they’ll film it and edit it into their films for later in the year.

You can ask to remain anonymous – you don’t have to use your real name. MCC will contribute to any travel costs if you need to get a train or a taxi. You can ask MCC for a friend or loved one to come with you for moral support!

This is your chance not only to speak out about the difficulties of living with self-injury but also to encourage other young people to come forward and receive support.

For further details, please email and we’ll pass your details on to MCC who will reply directly to you.

Please send:

  • your first name;
  • your age;
  • confirmation that you live in Scotland.

That’s all!

Once you receive all the details you may want to talk it over with a friend or family member.

Don’t be shy. Speak up!

P.S. Teachers who would like their (Scottish) schools to benefit from this project and the films should also email

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