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Our members’ official tumblrs – AKA The FirstSigns’ Positive Tumblr Project

Check out the link on the right-side of our Tumblr blog, or on the home page of the FirstSigns website for all 8(+) official Tumblrs!

We’ve invited lots of our members to keep a ‘Positive Journal’ – a diary as they tread the road to health and happiness.

These are real people, from different countries, of different ages, with different backgrounds and lifestyles. Each battles their own difficulties, and they’ve been brave enough to share a little about their ups and downs with you.

Many are first-time bloggers, and are new to Tumblr, so it would be awesome if you could follow them, and like (heart) some of their posts to encourage them. Some people are already big Tumblr users and are showing their support by adopting official FirstSigns addresses for the summer.

(See, all our official Tumblr-people have web addresses ending in …, like ours; cool huh?)

So check out our 8 brave souls now, and see how other people are coping with life, the universe and self-injury.


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