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Manage our Tumblr blog with us – volunteers needed

TumblrJules and I would like to invite one or two of you to manage and run our Tumblr blog.

If you’re a tumblr user already, we’d like to hear from you. Please email

Duties would include:

  • Using the ‘queue’ to ensure that our Tumblr blog is always busy;
  • Posting links and quotes from our main website –
  • Allowing Tumblr to send some (but not all) posts to our Twitter;
  • Following-back new followers, if their Tumblr blogs are not graphic / triggering.

We’d prefer you to be 18 or over. We understand that you may have current or past experience of self-injury, but we absolutely don’t want running of our Tumblr to affect you in any negative sense, so please have a think about how you feel.

Preference will be shown to people in the UK, as we are a UK-based organisation (I know we’re on ‘the Internet’ but listen, we *are* a UK-based organisation, it’s just a fact) but people from anywhere in the world are welcome to apply as we will probably ask several volunteers to join us.

It will take us some time to accept new volunteers, so if you’re impatient to help, and impatient to get started, please don’t apply. We take your safety and well-being very seriously and so things can take longer than you might expect.

Our Tumblr blog is found at and of course you should be following us!

Thank you,

Jules and Wedge


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