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Self-injury research – interviews

Edyta is looking into self-injury as part of her research into ‘hope and hopelessness’ for her doctoral level studies at City University London. Edyta is looking for people to interview about their lives and reliance upon self-injury. Naturally, interviews will be treated strictly confidentially and participant’s identities will be protected. If you’d be willing to […]

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Our members – the numbers

Most organisations don’t release their web stats or member numbers. We think that the continual growth of numbers speaks for itself, and demonstrates why self-injury is a topic that must be discussed and out in the open. Oh, just a note about our Message Board members – the number hovers around 400, because that seems […]

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A free poetry book for you

Towards the end of 2010 I learnt about the inaugural World Book Night. Only individuals could apply to become book givers, so I applied personally and on my application I said that if selected I would donate the books to FirstSigns for distribution to our members. Happily we were selected. I chose ‘New Selected Poems’ […]

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