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A free poetry book for you

Towards the end of 2010 I learnt about the inaugural World Book Night. Only individuals could apply to become book givers, so I applied personally and on my application I said that if selected I would donate the books to FirstSigns for distribution to our members. Happily we were selected.

I chose ‘New Selected Poems’ by Seamus Heaney. I made this choice because we talk a lot about the importance of self-expression, and writing poetry is a great way to express yourself. I know that some of our members enjoy sharing their poetry on our Message Board, within the Artistic Expression forum. I hope that reading this book might inspire people to write some of their own poetry.

If you’d like the chance of receiving this book for free during March then please email your postal address to using  ‘Gift book’ as the email subject.

As we said in our previous blog, the people who’ve kindly donated towards the postage costs for this project will be first to receive the book, wherever they live in the world. But I’m afraid only UK members can be considered for the remaining books.

If we receive more addresses than books then addresses will be chosen at random.

For the best chance of receiving a book, please email your address by the night of Saturday 5th March.

I look forward to receiving addresses and hope that everyone who receives this gift from LifeSigns gets some personal benefit from it. It would be great to hear your thoughts once you’ve read the poems.

Wedge and Jules



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