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Self-injury, anorexia, depression and OCD on BBC2

A film called ‘Coping’ will be aired on BBC 2, this Thursday 17 March at 04:30 – 05:00am. That’s half past four in the morning, as it’s aimed at schools (who record it for later lessons).

It might be available on iPlayer soon after.

This series offers case studies of problems relevant to young people; from anorexia to depression, OCD to self harm, and ties into the “mental and emotional wellbeing” section of the National Curriculum.

Adolescence can be an emotional assault course. Yet teenage mental health is rarely discussed. In this powerful film produced by ORTVi, five young people phone into a night-time radio show to share their problems with host Aled Haydn Jones. While the radio show is staged, the callers are real, and so are their stories.


  • Wedge

    Glad you can record it rather than get up so early! We don’t know much about this film, but I might expect it to be a single film.

  • Moon Tree

    Do you know whether it’s a series or a one-off? I’ve set it to record but my Digibox didn’t offer a series link. Sounds like an interesting programme. :)


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