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Your comments – How FirstSigns and SI make you feel

We always so very pleased to receive your comments and queries. We do everything for you; we can’t exist without your support and wouldn’t want to. You’ve recently donated hard cash to help us meet our running costs, and you’ve been buying shedloads of wristbands and key rings. Thank you for your support.

Here is a selection of comments from people; we don’t use surnames at FirstSigns, and of course some people talk about self-injury below, so make sure you’re in a good frame of mind before reading these comments.

“I am 44 and I have been self harming for many years; I haven’t hurt myself for a year now and I feel good about that; I am no therapist but I just want to say that there is hope for us and things can and will get better, we all have to believe in ourselves and have faith in ourselves that we are as good as the rest of society.”

“It is truly amazing how much good educating people about self-harm and self-injury really can do. It’s helped me in the past and now I wanr to help others. Thanks for all that you do.”

“I’m having to go to some stupid class because a few teachers at my school discovered my cutting and were scared. They showed me FirstSigns and it’s quite intriguing, so thank you everyone for the stories and such.”

“Great site. Been self harming for years and I’m 27 years old.”

“I’m really trying to stop but it’s so hard!! But this site really helps. I just want to say thank you so much for the support FirstSigns has given me.

“It’s hard to stop because it’s the only thing I have in my life. I feel broken and weak, and SI is the only thing that helps. But the shame and guilt is to big so I’m trying to stop.”

“I bought a bracelet and I bought some for my friends too. I think you are doing a great job with this site, and by raising awareness about SI.

“FirstSigns has helped me a lot and has a lot of good advice.”

“Just to say. thanks!! My family finally understand and thanks to you I’ve stopped self harming.”

“I’ve been self harming since I was about 10 (hard to remember) I stopped completely for about 6 years between the ages of 18 and 24 and than had a succession of bad luck which brought it all back.

“I don’t think i will ever stop permanently as I have been on and off antidepressants and had a shed load of counselling and yet the urge to cut is still there. I don’t cut when I am sad only when I am angry as I am very afraid of letting my anger out at other people.

“I am 28 and have two children. It’s nice to know sometimes that you are not alone.”|

“Great site, thank you for the information, research, care and devotion. Thank you for support, and non critical help.”

“I am 13 and trying to stop cutting… I cry every time I see my scars because I have 20 on my ankle… This is the best website I’ve ever been to.”

“Great site, loads of useful information thanks for that. Great wristbands too, cool idea, getting myself some of those! Thanks.”

“I have enjoyed looking at your website and I am so pleased to have found FirstSigns. I am a mental health professional of some 30 years and so I have had many experiences of working with people who self harm.

“During the course of my work I have felt disheartened and at times horrified at the way in which colleagues have handled situations with clients who have deliberately harmed themselves. I am so pleased that awareness is being raised about how it really is and what people need when they self harm.”

“Thanks a lot for the site. I found it especially good to help the people around me who didn’t understand what they were supposed to do about my cutting.”

“I really like FirstSigns! I am sooooo proud to say I have puckered up enough courage to tell someone about my SI and now things seem totally easier from here! I hope that people who read this will please, please try to reach out because it is the best thing you will ever do. There’s going to be a point sometime in your life that all the cutting in the world won’t help the pain.Thats when you’re going to wish that you told someone and got help sooner.”

“Hey guys, one of the old fogeys here. Been self harming since I was 14, so that’s… 14 years worth. man. That’s not good. Anyhow, just discovered FirstSigns last year and it’s been so refreshing to see a positive, uplifting, HELPFUL place to go for what is so often a very painful secret. Thank you SO MUCH. I mean it.”

“I have been cutting for 10 years now. I know what I am doing is wrong and am now seeking help to stop, but it is hard. I am thankful for FirstSigns. It has helped me and my family more than you know. I hope it will benefit you just as much. Be careful and best wishes to you all.”

“This website is helping the best way it can… see I’m 13 and have been cutting myself since I was 10 no one knows about this not even my family so as I understand that I need help and I dont need to be ashamed, FirstSigns is here to help me… so now I will get help.”

“I love the site… its great to see that I’m not alone… I’ve always felt like I am…”

“This site is a wonderful idea and needs as much national publicity as it can get.”

“A very big thank you for such a helpful site. I’ve been cutting / harming for some years. It’s great to find a site that offers such great help –  keep up the good work.”

What do you think? How do you feel?

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