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Who self-injures?

We are frequently asked the question: who self injures? Despite the media’s frequent portrayal of self-injury being something that predominantly affects teenage girls, at FirstSigns we know this is wholly inaccurate. FirstSigns itself was founded by Wedge – and he’s never going to be a teenage girl! Self-injury can affect anybody, at any time in their […]

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FirstSigns is Seven today!

FirstSigns (aka LifeSIGNS) is 7 years old today! In 2002, Wedge founded our organisation after discovering that there was no helpful, relevant, UK based information online for people affected by self-injury. Over the last seven years we have been raising awareness about self-injury, and supporting people affected by self-injury in any way, both in the […]

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Spring clean your life

Already we’re a few weeks into Spring, and the long Easter weekend is upon us. It’s the busiest weekend of the year for DIY and Garden centres, as people find the time and energy to start working on their homes and gardens; some making little improvements, others planning more challenging projects. You can guarantee that […]

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A big thank you

Firstly, on behalf of myself and Wedge, I’d like to thank everyone who donated money to FirstSigns during January. It’s heart-warming to see so many of you caring about our continued work and growth. Donations came in not only from our dear members, but also from friends and acquaintances of Wedge, who chose to show […]

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