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At uni? Have you found your Nightline?

The majority(?) of UK universities run a Nightline service, offering a telephone (and sometimes an email) listening service for students in distress, under stress, suffering or feeling down.

If you’re at university, look out for posters around corridors and toilets with the phone number (take a photo of a poster, pop the number into your phone, or tear of the little strip with the number on if the poster has them).

If you need the phone number for tonight (it is a ‘night’ line) then search your university’s website for Nightline or browse the welfare section.
Althought Nightlines cannot offer support over Twitter (because it’s public and doesn’t let you say much) many services are online and you can see if your university is on our Nightline Twitter List. There’s also a non-Twitter list of some Nightlines here.

We’d like to make sure our Twitter List is accurate, so please let us know if there’s a Nightline service we’ve missed. Please email us on or tweet us on @LifeSIGNS

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