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Letting go

How much of the past are you carrying around with you? All that baggage can get very heavy can’t it? It weighs you down. But what purpose does it serve?  I suggest, none. Of course our present selves are a cumulation of past experiences. Bad things happen to good people. And sometimes we do things […]

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Our new Support Forum is open

Our refreshed new Support Forum is now open and ready to support you. We closed down our old message board a month ago to give us time to reassess the needs of our members and how we might best provide community support and guidance for people in emotional distress and struggling with self-injury. Our new […]

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Why our Message Board has closed

Our Message Board has closed; it’s gone for good! The Support Forum that we’ll launch next month is going to be quite different. But change, in this case, is good and necessary, and we’re sure our members will appreciate the direction we’ve chosen to take. FirstSigns has been running a Message Board for 8 years, […]

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