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“You kept me from seriously harming myself tonight”

We know what it feels like to be desperate to stop the pain, to seek relief by any method. We know what it’s like to struggle with people, with our emotions and our self-injury.

We hope our website with its wealth of ideas and information is of some help to others, and we’re always pleased to hear from people who are working to move away from self-injury. ‘MarisStella’ was kind enough to send us this message to share with you:

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the section called ‘Read This First Before You Hurt‘. I’ve been in a terrible state lately, and I really thought I would do some serious damage to myself tonight.

“I clicked on the ‘Read This First’ button, and cried all the way through reading it, because it really was written as though there was someone right here with me, telling me they were proud of me for continuing to read the words rather than hurt myself.

“I want to say thank you. You kept me from seriously harming myself tonight, and even though you probably get a lot of messages from people saying that nothing will be able to help them, I wanted to tell you that I think you saved a life tonight.

“I know I have a long journey ahead of me, but tonight’s journey was made easier because of you.”

from MarisStella

We hope the sentiment in MarisStella’s note might encourage you to try our ‘Read This First Before You Hurt‘ page if you ever find yourself overwhelmed by the urge to self-harm. Or you might have a friend who could benefit from a little extra support.

We’ve been really touched by MarisStella’s journey, and we believe in determination to seek health and happiness and move away from self-harm at her own pace. We know we can’t magickally wave self-injury away, but we do mean to support you on your personal journey.

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  • josephine

    Im josephine im 47 yrs old and ivd been self harming by what ever means available. My self harm always comes when my mood is low, I remember my moods where low when I was in my early teens.I had very few friends but it not recognized , even when the police picked me in the small hours of night.just wandering aimlessly.
    Then when was nineteen I started my first relationship that lasted 8 month I sell harmed none in the relationship but did did after the relationship failed and carried on self harming again until another relationship started and the self harm ceased. But for the occasional argument the self harm started.
    The pattern was every time a relationship ended the self had end depression appeared. However it is noticed as i get older the self harm is becoming more intense, this time wait was five yr relation ship where as the one.relationship Before was 22yr
    This last relationship was the best and most important one I’ve been in. I thought this the
    ight person over and still think that ofher thee


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