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Seek health and happiness; strive for progress, not perfection

Best wishes for the new, fresh year

Seek health and happiness; strive for progress, not perfection

Whatever the holiday season has meant to you, we wish you the very best in 2012. January brings a fantastic opportunity to review your life goals and consider new ways to seek health and happiness.

It is a shiny, bright new year. May you have the determination to become who you want to be during 2012. We wish you all the very best for everything you set out to achieve and experience.

We know life can be hard, can be awful. Take pleasure in the small things. Love yourself. Love others. And take time every day to seek out the peace and beauty of the world in which you live.

The new year will bring some wonderful developments for us, and we hope we can serve you better than ever in 2012. We will change our name back to ‘LifeSIGNS’ and provide brand new wristbands in February in time for Self-Injury Awareness Day (SIAD) in March, and we’ll publish our book – to help answer all those ‘difficult’ questions about self-injury.

Find us on TwitterTumblr and Facebook (Page & Group) for more details and updates.

All the best, from all of us at FirstSigns / LifeSIGNS

Photo credit: Robert Couse-Baker

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