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LifeSIGNS - Self-Injury Guidance & Network Support

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We provide fantastic information about self-injury and while we never tell anyone to 'stop', we do support people as and when they choose to make changes in their lives.

LifeSIGNS is the user-led voluntary organisation creating understanding about self-injury. Founded in 2002, we're now in our second decade and it's our continuing mission to guide people who hurt themselves towards new ways of coping, when they're ready for the journey.

Help yourself right now; read about self-injury; download our fact sheets; support a friend; ask us a question about self-injury; learn how to get help; join us on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.

Read more about us and our mission.

LifeSIGNS is run by the Directors and Supporters, who have personal experience of self-injury.

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Caduceus and Branding Our logo incorporates the Caduceus [pro: cadooshus] which is a symbol of magick and healing.

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LifeSIGNS was on BBC Breakfast at 7:40am, Friday 12th December, discussing boys and self-harm with Charlie Stayt and YoungMinds.
Then we were on BBC Radio 5 Live as well.
Twitter has made LifeSIGNS a 'Trusted Resource' to help make the Twitterverse a little safer for people.
22nd January 2015
Join our virtual SIAD event - Self-Injury Awareness Day 2015
6th January 2015
Self injury wristbandNew wristbands now available - in good time for Self-Injury Awareness Day on the 1st of March. Get your wristband now.

Wristbands are incredibly important to us, as they are our main source of income. Your support in January and February will fund LifeSIGNS for the whole year.

1st January 2015
29th December 2014
The Sun newspaper would like to talk to a teenager about his self-injury.
15th December 2014
Facebook logoRaise awareness on TV and the radio by joining our 'Media Opportunities' Facebook Group. Join now, and we'll keep you informed about chances to talk to the BBC, the UK daily newspapers and various lifestyle magazines. This is especially important in February, before Self-Injury Awareness Day.
12th December 2014
Join our Support Forum, or read what it's all about.
30th November 2014
We've just received a very helpful donation from a youth club:

"We raised money for LifeSIGNS by having the kids throw ice-cold water bombs at our youth leaders. We wanted to support LifeSIGNS as self-injury affects some of our kids."

We're very grateful for their support. If you can help keep us going, please donate now, but you're free not to and welcome to use our online services.
15th November 2014
Self-harm, alcohol, and drugs research results - Amy started research back in January, and initial results are now available. And a story video.
Free ebook - click04th October 2014
Free ebook, download your copy now: 'The LifeSIGNS little book of five a days'.
17th September 2014
Free fact sheets to download, print, and share - for teachers, friends, parents, men, and employers.
10th August 2014
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19th July 2014
RobotGet auto-help from our new robot.
22nd June 2014
Follow us however you like: Twitter; Facebook; Tumblr; LinkedIn.
15th May 2014
Men hurt too - lads of all ages can turn to self-harm when under stress. Talking about problems can be too hard.
22nd April 2014
Cricketer Ben Stokes talks about punching lockers.
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