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  • Ree

    I just wanted to remember what “normal” pain felt like. Then i realised i was a good punishment when i misbehaved.

  • Anaya

    How can I heal or hide my scars without using bandages ?

    • James

      you can use long sleeves/pants or even makeup to hide the scars but if they didn’t quite hit styro they’ll fade over time. aquaphor helped accelerate the healing process for my fresher cuts while i was in a mental hospital. however, aquaphor is kinda slimy and gross so it tends to get on clothes and make them all greasy and stuff. good luck on your road to recovery :)

    • Nev

      You can get long fingerless gloves

  • jeanette

    Self-harm is when you hurt yourself as a way of dealing with very difficult feelings, painful memories or overwhelming situations and experiences. Some people have described self-harm as a way to:

    express something that is hard to put into words
    turn invisible thoughts or feelings into something visible
    change emotional pain into physical pain
    reduce overwhelming emotional feelings or thoughts

  • Sz

    What about pinching/nipping skin (to the extent of causing a mark/indentation)? Also what about stabbing self with a pen lid causing indentations/marks? Would these be classed as self injury?

    • Wedge

      If you are using these behaviours to habitually cope with stress or distress, as per our definitions at the top of this page, then you may wish to consider the behaviour to be self-injury. Lots of people need and deserve help and support to cope with their mental and emotional anguish and despair – those who severely self-injure may also need support to urgently develop new adaptive coping mechanisms. We can all choose to learn and to try new ways to cope.

  • Jambons

    What about hitting yourself if it doesn’t leave a bruise? Do you consider it not to be SI if it doesn’t cause an actual injury (usually).

    • Wedge

      We’ve refered to ‘hitting’ as ‘banging’ and yes we absolutely consider hitting yourself as a way of coping, without leaving a mark or bruise, to be SI.

  • stela

    Thank you for the helpful information. The website is very positive and straight talking with no judgement I am reassured and hopeful that others will have a better understanding too.

  • Dee

    Thank you for this website. It helps me understand

  • Heva

    Thank you so much for this website. It has helped me understand the difference between self harm and self injury.

  • Will

    Thank you for making this website. It has really helped me to understand myself a bit better, and how to help myself.

  • miley

    this was helpful. now i know what self injuries are to comparing self harm.

  • martin

    Well I self harm, and its hurts to. But it make me feel a little better at the time.
    The only thing that does not help is, when they make a big deal about people asking for help.
    My situation there is no help…..

  • Speedwell

    Not taking your necessary medication can be as much a sign of self-harm as taking too much.

  • Tato

    Thank you life signs for this info. Now I know how to help my cuts.

  • Ed

    Self harming is a terrible tihng to go through


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