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LifeSIGNS is a user-led charitable organisation, with a small budget based on the wristbands we sell in February. All our our people give their time for free.

Please donate £1 or $1 – we really need help now. If we’re going to improve our services and reach more people online and off-line then we need your help today.

Click the ‘Donate’ button. You can use any card, or PayPal if you like.

A single pound is a lot of money to us! Please don’t say to yourself that you’ll give us £10 next week – we are only asking for £1 – just a pound, please help us today.

You can use your credit or debit card, or use PayPal. You can even send a donation through the ‘PayPal Me’ system – just visit

If you’d prefer to manually send us a PayPal donation, you can do so just by sending your donation to

If you are considering donating a large sum of money, please do contact Wedge {at} so we can thank you properly!

Funding directly increases the amount of awareness raising activities we can be involved with, and every penny you give goes towards this mission. Thank you.

You can raise money for LifeSIGNS without dipping into your pocket.

Every search done over at Savoo gives us 1p – and those pennies add up!

Just choose LifeSIGNS to support as you sign-up for Savoo account, and then bookmark Savoo so you can use it every day instead of Google or Bing. The Savoo search engine is powered by Bing anyway.

Savoo lets you raise money for LifeSIGNS just by using their site to search the web (it’s powered by Bing).

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