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We welcome a new director

20110608-012327.jpgLast Saturday (4th June) we enjoyed an afternoon discussing the forthcoming year for FirstSigns. But our General Meeting was extra special this year as it was also a meeting to informally welcome our new Director, Rachel.

Rachel has been a member of FirstSigns (previously LifeSIGNS) for several years, and has been a much valued volunteer for the last five years. Over the past 12 months Rachel has increased her dedication to FirstSigns by becoming Team Leader on our Message Board.

Inviting Rachel to join our management committee was an easy decision, and Jules and I are delighted that Rachel accepted with enthusiasm.

Rachel has already come up with some great ideas for FirstSigns, and as a team we look forward to delivering some exciting new projects over the coming months. Rachel will also play an important role in the running of our new Support Forum that we’re launching in July 2011.

It’s very exciting for us to have another Director, and we look forward to the growth and development of our organisation that having Rachel on board will help us achieve.

Thank you, Rachel, for joining us; we very much look forward to working with you.

Jules and Wedge

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