the user-led self-injury organisation.

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Volunteering Magazine

Volunteering England has featured LifeSIGNS within its Volunteering Magazine! Here’s how the interview went. Q Please could you tell us how LifeSIGNS started?A I ‘Came Out’ about my self-injury and started seeking help when I was at University; I started writing my personal thoughts on my own website and then I realised I had to […]

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What’s Self-Harm?

Self-Harm? Is that like Self-Injury? People use different terms for self-injury; SI, SH, DSH (Deliberate Self Harm), SIB (Self Injurious Behaviour), Self Mutilation, Cutting; some people even include self-injury when they say ‘parasuicide’. Hospitals and Doctors might use different words, but whatever words we use, are we talking about the same thing? LifeSIGNS feels that […]

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If you buy gay-interest magazines, surf gay news sites, or are part of any of the gay community websites then you’ve probably heard everything you want to hear about ‘gay rights’, ‘queer politics’ and the ‘pink pound’. Truth is, you may well be sick of being spoken down to by the older queer leaders of […]

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