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Self-Injury Awareness Day is today – 1st of March

LifeSIGNS has supported SIAD for like 16 or 17 years – since before we were even called LifeSIGNS!

Self-Injury Awareness Day (1st March) is a global movement to raise awareness and reduce stigma.

Many people who hurt themselves find it easier to talk about self-injury around this time as there’s no need to share personal details – we can all talk about the issues.

But if it’s not a good time for you then no worries – take a look at the help and support we offer.

Wristband 2016SIA Wristbands 2016

Our SI Awareness wristbands are orange n purple this year, and only say ‘SI Awareness’ – they don’t say ‘self-injury’ on them, so they are a discreet way to show your support.

Get yours now – give one to an ally.

Stuff to share online

Save these images to your computer or phone, and share them on social networks. Please use the hashtag #SIAD.

Self-Injury Awareness Day 1st March





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