Wristbands will be back on sale in January or February 2018

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Dollars and Euros

Paypal did your know?We will send wristbands to any country in the world.

Approximately, £1 =

$1.23 USD
$1.63 CAN
$1.63 AUD
€1.16 Euros

You do not have to do any calculations or send us any special currency; PayPal will do all the conversion for you.

FAQs – your questions

For postage purposes, yes; Europe is considered ‘part of the rest of the world’.

Yes, we send wristbands everywhere.

We can’t be certain, it depends on the currency rate at the time of your purchase. As there are 1.63 Canadian Dollars to 1 British Pound, then one wristband (at £600) should cost you less than $10.

We’ve sold orange wristbands before. In 2015, they glowed in the dark. In 2017, there’s a secret message on the inside of the band.

It’s free – or rather, it’s included in the total price.

Yes, you save money if you buy two or five! If you need 25, email Wedge@lifesigns.org.uk

Yes, please email Wedges@lifesigns.org.uk for exact details – Wedge will reply within 3 days.

No – we sell them to anyone anywhere in the world.

You can use PayPal to use your Credit or Debit card as long as you’re in the UK – you don’t actually have to have an account. Just buy your wristband and carefully follow the ‘guest’ instructions on the next page.

Well, yes, we are ‘making money’ from selling wristbands, but no, we are not making ‘profit’ as all ‘profit’ made goes back into buying more wristbands, leaflets, paper, ink, and other costs that help LifeSIGNS raise awareness about self-injury.

PayPal is separate from us, and I’m certain their system will work for you. Please close your browser, re-open your browser, ensure that you have cookies enabled and try again. You may want to try a different browser, or have a friend help you. PayPal.co.uk has a comprehensive help system, please use it. If you email Wedge@lifesigns.org.uk he will tell you these things again to help you.

Cookies are delicious bits of code information that commercial sites like PayPal use to help you shop with them.

We cannot accept cheques from anyone, sorry; you must pay by PayPal, debit card, or credit card.

Maybe – not many people are, but they are made of silicone so if you know you are allergic…

Because we want to keep in touch with anyone who obviously supports us, but yes, you can opt-out at any time – no hard feelings. It’s part of our terms that we can contact you after a purchase; we add your address to save you the hassle, but we promise to respect your wishes and you can unsubscribe in two clicks.

Maybe, so you could either tie it on to your bag, or use an elastic band to make the wristband smaller. Consider getting a keyring for your bag / pencilcase.

“@LifeSIGNS SI Awareness lifesigns.org.uk”.

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