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Self-Injury Awareness Day is just 4 days away

With Self-Injury Awareness Day just four days away, we’ve got loads of things you can use to raise awareness, or get help for yourself.

1) Our SIAD page covers all the basics, including fact sheets, and awareness ideas.

SIAD video2) We have a little video for you to share – it’s on Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, and Twitter already, so it would be awesome if you could share, reblog, or retweet it now – 3,300+ people have already watched it!

3) The band, ‘Crimson Tale’ have generously promised LifeSIGNS 50% of the profits from their latest single. Listen / download now.

4) Latest articles include “Emma’s story: Taking control” and an introductory article for healthcare professionals.

Wristband 2015 hand5) Our SIA wristbands glow in the dark this year! They’re pure orange and we deliver across the world. Get yours now before Self-Injury Awareness Day. Postage takes 4 days in the UK and 8 days around the world. Order now to receive yours before SIAD. Many many thanks to every one of you who has already got one!

6) We mean to redevelop our Support Forum. Lauren, our Community Manager, has just been promoted to Community Director, and so LifeSIGNS now has a stronger management committee.

7) If you’re willing to talk about self-injury on TV or the radio, please join our Media Opportunities Facebook Group. Journalists often need to talk to people within a day, so it’s really important to join the Group so you get requests quickly.

8) Our new motto for 2015 is: Self-care ● Self-love ● Self-respect – it’s all about moving from self-injury to self-care.


We hope you’re excited about Self-Injury Awareness Day on the 1st of March, but remember you don’t have to talk about yourself or your own self-injury if you’re not ready. We really hope you have support, and again we invite you to our Support Forum if things are hard for you right now.


Let us know how you will raise awareness, and send us your wristband photographs via Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter. You’re welcome to reply to this email.


All the best,

Jules, Lauren, and Wedge

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