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LifeSIGNS is for you

LifeSIGNS is for you, just as it has been for 13 years

In the spring of 2002, several students / ex-students came together to launch an online-only organisation to raise awareness around self-injury.

Since then, several of the ‘bigger’ websites out there have refocused their efforts to include self-injury and self-harm among their mental health and youth support work.

LifeSIGNS is completely focused on self-injury, and offers guidance and support to people of all ages. Adult self-injury is constantly under-represented, as is male self-injury.

Self-Injury Awareness Day (SIAD) was a big success across the country (and the world) and now LifeSIGNS is turning thirteen in May. We’re moving from raising ‘awareness’ to ‘creating understanding’. We want to ignite real change for people who feel trapped in self-injury, and misunderstood by friends, family, and health care professionals.

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