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Is the mobile web important to you?

We’ve always wanted to be there for you whenever you need a little extra support or emotional boost. We asked you if you surf on your mobile phone, and the votes are in. So, allow us to show you what you can get from us when on your mobile phone / smart phone. We also want to share our plans for improving our web and mobile services.

A great many of the LifeSIGNS services are available on your smartphone or big-screen mobile phone, the thing we’ve not yet properly provided is the content from our main website.

You can get:

this very blog – yes, our main blog is ‘mobilised’ and so should work well on your phone. Try it at on your phone now.

(Do not use ‘www’ unless it’s needed. You don’t need to type http:// or www.)

You can get super quick access to all our mobile services from our mobile hub –

So what we haven’t given you is a a mobile website that provides all the help and info for and about self-injury when you’re at school, in the car or at work on your phone. We haven’t optimised our Self-Injury Support Forum for mobile use either, although it works well on tablets.

66 percent of people surf on their mobile phoneWe know from asking that surfing on your mobile is important to two-thirds of you, so we know we need to provide better online services for you. We also recognise that we should do more for those people who don’t use their phone’s to surf, and people who don’t always have the web available. We know we need a better website and more printed material in places like schools, libraries, doctors’ waiting rooms and drop-in centres.

Will you help us?

We’re currently raising money to improve our services in 2013. We’ve been online for ten years now – and our website design is getting a little rough around the edges. Can you help us afford to design a new site that works on mobiles?

We’re very grateful for the donations that have come in so far – we’re thrilled to have so many people’s support. We don’t need a lot of help, but we do need a lot of people to help.

We’re only asking for £1 or $1 or €1 to help us survive into 2013 and improve our online services.

Please donate today. LifeSIGNS is run by volunteers with personal experience of self-injury and who give their time for free. No one gets paid at LifeSIGNS, in fact, our volunteers frequently donate to LifeSIGNS to keep the organisation going.

Please donate a little today. We don’t need a lot from you, we just ask for a little help.

If you have a PayPal account it is easy to donate. If you do not have PayPal you can donate with your bank card and I promise that is easy too.

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