LifeSIGNS; self-injury and self-harm: insights from the inside

LifeSIGNS is available to speak at your professional conference.

Previously, Wedge has delivered keynote talks for PCTs, the NHS and the CPC.

Talks are usually accompanied by a state of the art presentation. We guarantee you audience will be impressed and moved by Wedge’s professional insights into self-injurious behaviour and his honest stories of his own self-injury.

LifeSIGNS does not preach about statistics or gloss over the details with vague ideas, but rather, we speak about ths subject from our six years experience.

To talk about your conference, please contact Wedge on or call 07950705258, but be prepared to leave a message.

Photo by your_cherry_bombLifeSIGNS (Self-Injury Guidance & Network Support) is an online, user-led voluntary organisation, founded in 2002 to raise awareness about self-injuryand provide information and support to people of all ages affected by self-injury. We recognise self-injury is a way of coping with distressing experiences and difficult emotions, and we encourage people to reflect on the issues behind their self-injury, and to develop and explore alternative coping mechanisms.
LifeSIGNS is managed and led by people with personal experience of self-injury, and we are non-judgemental, non-directional, and respectful of our members’ and visitors’ life experiences and perceptions. The LifeSIGNS website is the centre of our vibrant community, and provides access to all of our services, including our newsletter, book and

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