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Your Unsent Letters

We have had a great response to our new Unsent Letters page and are pleased to publish two of the letters we have received so far:

Dear Mum and Dad,

It isn’t easy for me to say this, and it won’t be easy to hear it either, but I don’t want to hide it any longer, and I owe you the truth. Please don’t judge me before you’ve finished reading.

When I was in year 10 and 11, all those scars on my arms, they weren’t accidents. I hadn’t fallen over carrying a music stand, and I hadn’t walked accidentally into a locker door. I had done it to myself. And then, a few years ago, I made a New Year’s Resolution to stop. It was hard, but I did it. For a while. Recently, I’ve been struggling, and I’ve hurt myself again. Not badly, but I don’t want it to get worse. I just can’t handle the pressure to be brilliant. I’m not perfect and I don’t need to be – I just want to be me, and for that to be ok. I so often feel that the world expects much more of me than that of which I am capable.

I’m telling you this so that you understand, and so that you can support me. I’m not telling you because I’m looking for more attention, or because I think it’s your fault – I would never want to hurt you. You have given me so much.

I love you both lots

S x

Your letter doesn’t have to be in typical ‘letter’ format either and we are pleased to publish this anonymous poem:

I feel so angry and constantly hurting inside
I want to be free of all pain
I want help to deal with my emotions
That are keeping me from the life I could have
I have not done it to hurt you
I have done it to hurt myself
to try and hide my horrible past
I need your help
I’m scared and frightened of whats ahead
I’m scared of going through my past and dealing with it
I’m also scared of it happening again
I dont want to die
Thats why I need your help
As I dont know how much more I can take.

Thank you to our members who have sent in letters so far; please do keep them coming.

Email your letters to

We will not keep any record of your email, and will simply publish your letters at in a matter of days / weeks. Letters may also appear in our Blog and within our Newsletter.

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