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We’re looking for men of all ages to take part in a group discussion about self-injury

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While the media often focusses on teenage white girls when talking about self-injury, we know that anyone can turn to self-injury in times of stress.

We want to create a video to highlight the issues surrounding self-injury, and we’d like to gather lads, guys, men of any background together to talk about their personal experience – including how they feel about the media, their loved ones’ reactions, and what guys really need when it comes to help and support.

If you’re 16 or older, in the UK, and willing to travel and meet other people to discuss your life and your self-injury, please email with your first name, age, background (such as ethnicity, sexuality, gender).

The group discussion will start by getting to know each other a little bit. Then we’ll get into some specific issues. Everyone’s experience will be respected; it will be semi-structured semi-led discussion – everyone will get heard.

Everything will be videoed, but you can tell us to stop recording if there’s something particularly sensitive you want to say. We will ask you to review the video before we publish it. We will reimburse your travel expenses and provide lunch.

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Location: Birmingham or London – TBC.

Date: Daytime – TBC.

[/cmsms_featured_block][cmsms_text animation_delay=”0″]We really want to pull together a diverse group of (English speaking) men, but we realise that we might not reach everyone with this request, and that the date and location may not be convenient for everyone. Please help us reach guys in your network – share this request.[/cmsms_text][/cmsms_column][/cmsms_row]

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