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The Times links to FirstSigns

Wedge blogged yesterday about a page in the Times newspaper dedicated to self-harm and today they tackle how to break free from self-injury. Anyone reading the article today will no doubt recognise some of the wording that has been used as being from our own FirstSigns website. We talk frequently about ‘enabling’ people and ’empowering’ them to move on from self-injury by adopting healthier coping mechanisms.

Some of the alternatives mentioned we would not recommend on our own alternatives page – I doubt that whoever suggested eating a chilli has ever tried eating one themselves!

You can read the article here and decide for yourselves. The penultimate paragraph links to the Samaritans, SANEline and FirstSigns. They use our oldest address of which suggests that we have been a valuable source of information to them for many years, and of course that address still goes directly to FirstSigns :)

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  • Wedge

    Considering that we’ve only recently moved to our new address of it’s great that The Times has referenced us, even at one of our old addresses.


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