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The SIGNS of Change

LifeSIGNS is growing, and our organisations structure needs to develop to reflect our growth over the last five years, and demonstrate our commitment to evolve in the next five years.

Please remember that LifeSIGNS is not a ‘Message Board’ or even a website, we are a real organisation, nationally recognised in the UK as the most vibrant and positive SI Awareness charity, and we work with several other high-profile charities across the UK.

Right now, our Management Structure is developing, not only have we welcomed new Directors to the Board, but we must now re-evaluate the position of Trustee. Trustees are important guardians of our strategy, and ensure the long-term existence of our organisations.

Strategy and day-to-day running of our organisation are two different things though, and so we are now recruiting more Trustees, to build a solid Board of Trustees with a wealth of knowledge and expertise from a variety of backgrounds.

One ramification that you may note is that Trustees will step down as Directors. This means that while they meet with the Directors of LifeSIGNS at regular intervals, Trustees will no longer be on the operational Management Committee.

As an organisation, we need to focus on our internal procedures, processes and policies, and one way to do that is to separate the Strategic responsibilities from the Operational responsibilities, creating a two-tier management system, where the Management Committee (Directors) report to the strategic board of Trustees at regular, and often, public meetings. This split brings us into line with other charity org structures.


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