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Thank you

I want to thank you for reading our blog and visiting our self-harm awareness website.

It means a lot to me, to have engaged and interested visitors. It means a lot to Jules and me when we hear back from members or visitors who tell us that our stories, articles and information has affected them, that they recognise themselves in our words, and we’ve made them think.

I hope FirstSigns provides fantastic inspiration and information. Obviously, we don’t give advice or tell people what to do – that would be awful, after all, I still struggle with the urge to self-injure, and even when I haven’t hurt myself for a year or so, that doesn’t mean I’ve got all the answers.

Answers come from within, from you yourself. And I’d love to hear some from you.

Would you care to use the comments system below to tell us how you feel about FirstSigns and the information we provide? What could we do to improve our services?

Thanks for visiting, please let us know your thoughts.



  • Jean

    I want to say how much the FirstSigns has helped me – just by knowing that there are others with similar feelings. Jules and Wedge are wonderful in their efforts – especially for setting up this web page. It is well thought out and you don’t have to wade around looking for the “right” area to find out information. The fact that the information is practical and useful also has a lot of thought behind it.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Jules

    I just wanted to add my own personal thank you. Wedge and I work hard for FirstSigns but it’s our members and supporters who make it all worthwhile. FirstSigns is for you and we very much appreciate all feedback, comments, emails, articles and support we receive.

    I think people are sometimes surprised when they hear that both Wedge and I still struggle with the urge to self-injure – but it’s our own personal experiences and the fact that FirstSigns is ‘user-led’ that enables us to really empathise with our members and run an organisation that empowers people to make their own positive choices.

    As Wedge has said, we would very much appreciate your comments; but just by taking the time to read our blog you are supporting us, so thank you, each and every one of you.


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