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Special Children magazine cover

SIAD letter published in ‘Special Children’ magazine

Special Children magazine coverWe’re very grateful to the editors of Special Children magazine for publishing our letter about Self-Injury Awareness Day.

We wanted to respond to their article in the previous edition, and it’s great that Special Children have focused on self-injury, considering that teachers arts often some of the first adults that teenagers then to when worried about a friend, or their own situation.

We offer a fact sheet specifically for teachers and lecturers, along with a guide to creating a school self-injury policy.


Self-injury awareness day (and the month leading up to it) is incredibly important to LifeSIGNS because it’s a time when people care. Our hits go through the roof and we receive more messages, emails, enquiries and opportunities than at any other time. We spend the month frantically writing new materials, updating our pages, dealing with all the extra correspondence and calls, and of course posting out wristbands.

The fact is though, the only reason we’re so popular at this time of year is because we work tirelessly ‘thoughout’ the year! If we didn’t, then we simply wouldn’t exist. So really, for us, every day is SIAD. We work all year to raise awareness about self-injury and to support those affected by self-injury.

Self-injury awareness letter
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Please check the Self-Injury Awareness Day resources we publish, in time for the 1st of March.

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