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Self-harm Conference

Jules and I are off on our travels (as usual!) to attend and speak at a conference on self-harm this coming Monday.

Alison (from Living Change) has done a grand job organising everything (including us!) and we’re thrilled that, after seeing us at the last conference I spoke at, she’s invited us to be part of her Self-Harm Conference.

We expect a packed room of over a hundred delegates from the local and not so local area. There are bound to be a great many professional counsellors and healthcare policy makers, and as the whole conference is dedicated to the subject of self-harm / self-injury, the impact of our presentations and talks could be massive.

I’ve always wanted to change the world; I know we can’t do it alone(!) and so it’s so brilliant to meet people like Alison and other professionals who share our concerns about how self-injury is discussed and treated within the healthcare community.

I shall be speaking about our work, and about our insights that we’ve learned over the many years. I’ve learned a lot about self-injury and the emotional drivers behind it from our thousands of members, and I understand my own struggle with SI all the better these days.

Jules and I will both be on hand to converse and ‘network’ with professionals and people on the front-line of self-injury care.

I hope we’ll get some photographs for you, and I’m sure we’ll report back to you later next week.


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  • Anonymous

    sounds like a fantastic oppertunity i really hope it goes well for you both.

    love and hugs


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