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Safe with self-injury event

Safe with Self-Injury — evening talks for Self-Injury Awareness Day

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1st of March

6:30pm to 8:00pm

The Old Theatre, The Old Building, London School of Economics

Houghton Street, London, WC2A 2AE

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View the official event page.

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To register, simply send a “I am coming to Safe with Self-Injury” email to (You will not recieve a reply.)

It’s free entry; register now to secure your place.

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User-led Online Peer Support – Shallow, Deep & Vital

Wedge, founder of LifeSIGNS: Self-Injury Guidance & Network Support

Exploring the development of online peer-support and the ways in which the rise of social networks have impacted on it, highlighting the importance of self-expression and being heard. @LifeSIGNS
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The Impact of Alcohol on Self-harm

Conor McCafferty, Business Director and psychotherapist, Zest, Northern Ireland, Chair of the Northern Ireland Suicide Strategy Implementation Body

Noella McConnellogue, Clinical Director and psychotherapist, Zest, Northern Ireland

Examining the relationship between alcohol (mis)use and self-injury with reference to the impact of alcohol on emotional and physical well-being.
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Self-Injury Essentials: Social Justice, Embodiment & Harm-Reduction

Kay Inckle, Department of Sociology, LSE

Drawing from the book, Safe with Self-Injury, and focusing on three essential requirements for understanding and responding helpfully to self-injury: social justice, embodiment and harm-reduction.


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