Wanna poll our thousands and thousands of members? Yeah, lots of students do, so make sure you consider the guidance below and then grab our attention

Photo by tuppusLifeSIGNS receives a lot of requests from under-graduate students wishing to talk to people who self harm, or wishing to distribute online questionnaires and surveys to our members.

We would like to support all researchers, however owing to time constraints we are unable to deal with every request.

LifeSIGNS is an inclusive organisation, available to everyone, and priority will be given to requests that support our inclusive ethos. Specifically, your survey will not be prioritised if it is restricted to ‘young people’. Your survey may benefit from addressing gender and not only sex.

Full details should be addressed to the LifeSIGNS Management Committee and emailed to research@lifesigns.org.uk

Please email us from your lab / uni / college / establishment’s email account, rather than your personal account.

Before asking LifeSIGNS for help, you may wish to read the following pages:

Low response?

Our members are very responsive to well thought out questionnaires, however, we’ve been online for over ten years and many of our members and visitors have seen so many surveys that they’re becoming a little apathetic towards dull surveys. Please make sure your research is original, engaging, inclusive, concise and easy to complete online without downloads and without having to email you.

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