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Research Request: Adults

Andy wishes to speak to adults regarding their past self-injury for his research. Please email once you have read the details and would like to show interest.


Your Personal Experiences of Self-Injury

My name is Andy, I am a PhD Student from the University of Greenwich, School of Health and Social Care. I am conducting research that looks into the personal experiences of adults who self-injured during their adolescence.

If you meet the following participation criteria it would be great to hear from you:

a) Aged between 30 and 50 years of age.

b) Generally in good health.

c) Living within the community.

d) Self-injured during you adolescence.

e) Still self-injure or may have stopped.

f) Are not a hospital in-patient.

g) Are not taking antipsychotic medication.


This study will examine your experiences of self-injury during adolescence.

In order to do this I will arrange an interview with you where you will be given the opportunity to talk freely and openly and describe your experiences – your own ‘story of self-injury’ – in a safe environment and without fear of being judged or of any social stigma or implications.

Your account of self-injury is crucial in the process of developing a better understanding of adolescent self-injury and I will support you in doing this by asking you some questions during your interview about your self-injury.

Location and Time
Your interview will last for approximately 1 hour and will take place at either an agreed location convenient for you (your home town) or at the University of Greenwich.


As the research is ongoing over the following year there I have a good level of flexibility regarding timing so I can fit in the interview around your needs and schedule.

Travel Expenses

Following your attendance of the interview you will receive your fixed amount for expenses of £25.00. Therefore if you live at a distance from London it may be agreed that I travel to you – this arrangement will mean that you should not incur travel costs.


a) At a convenient time for you I will arrange to have a phone conversation with you to answer any questions or concerns you may have and to briefly discuss the participation criteria (stated above).

b) I will then forward you a ‘Participant Information and Briefing Pack’ by email or post.

This will give you the opportunity to read through the pack in your own time and contact me with any questions or concerns about the research.

c) After reading the pack if you want to proceed in taking part then simply contact me to arrange an interview. Also, please let me know about any personal needs / arrangements that need to be made to enable you to take part.

c) Attend an informal interview.

d) Following the informal interview you will receive a debriefing, be provided with the opportunity to ask questions or express any concerns and to give your feedback.


From the onset of showing an interest in taking part and throughout your participation you can be assured that I am bound by legislation to ensure your anonymity and treat what you say in the strictest of confidence.

I look forward to hearing from you,


If you are interested in hearing more from Andy, please email Wedge on with the email subject of ‘Andy’.


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  • Dr Andy Barton-Breck

    Thank you! to everybody who took part and to those who supported this research. It was a great success! I hope to have the research published and will let you know when this happens. Very best wishes
    Dr Andy Barton-Breck


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