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Organisation Announcement

Our organisation is being reborn with a new name!

Over the next few days we’re becoming FirstSigns and our website and publications will be rebranded with our new logo. All of our services and information can be accessed from from this day forth.

Wedge has been raising awareness since 2000, and was the Creator and Founding Director of the LifeSIGNS Voluntary Organisation in 2002, and the Founding Trustee of the LifeSIGNS Charity in 2006. Launching FirstSigns with Jules and the supportive members of the voluntary organisation is the culmination of over seven years work.

Wedge says:

“As a team, we’ve worked ceaselessly to get self-injury talked about in this country and beyond. Over the years I’ve worked alongside doctors, politicians, journalists, celebrities, charities and students in order to bring this difficult subject into the light, but I’m most proud to have worked with some incredibly inspiring volunteers who offer their insight and experience so that others may have hope. It is to the brave members of FirstSigns that I dedicate our next seven years of awareness work.”

FirstSigns will also focus on ‘self-harm’ – an umbrella term for a variety of behaviours and coping-mechanisms, including self-injury.

Jules explains:

“We’ve been talking about the specifics of self-injury for years now, and along the way our members have told us about other behaviours that go beyond the immediate actions of self-injury. It’s time we expanded our view of behavioural functions to include self-harm, so that we can help family, friends and professionals understand how people behave and the differences between SI and SH.”

Jules and Wedge left the LifeSIGNS charity in 2007 after it became impossible to work with Mary and Sarah once they decided to write a book without approval or knowledge from the Management Committee (the book would have only been available in print, not free as a download, so that’s against our ethics of ‘free information’). Negotiations regarding web addresses and such never got started as Mary and Sarah chose not to enter into any form of communication with Wedge, even after a couple of signed letters were sent to them. Instead Wedge and Jules have launched FirstSigns and, on advice, have relinquished any lasting rights to the web address for the LifeSIGNS charity.

Wedge says:

“This is a continuation of our work and also a fresh start. Working with Mary made me miserable, the harassment and abuse was too much for me, and so I left LifeSIGNS.

“Now, I understand that I made a mistake, in 2002 when I set-up a democratic voluntary organisation: by installing a democratic committee back in 2002 (3 years before I invited Mary to join LifeSIGNS) I signed away some rights to some of my work, and it is that mistake, 6 years ago, that means that Sarah and Mary take over the LifeSIGNS web address. Let me make this clear, Mary’s working habits made me miserable for years, and I’m glad to be able to turn my back on her. We move forward from today, and I’m grateful for the support of our understanding members who just want the best information and the most reliable support services we can offer. We endeavour to meet the needs of our members, for free, 24/7.”

  • While legal advice was sought, no legal proceedings have taken place.

  • Wedge created the name ‘LifeSIGNS’ and the acronym ‘Self-Injury Guidance & Network Support” in 2002.

  • Wedge started raising awareness in 2001 and conceived and founded the LifeSIGNS Voluntary Organisation in 2002, and was a Founding Trustee when it transformed into a Charity in 2006.

You can find Wedge, Jules and FirstSigns at and you may be interested to note the following specific addresses:

The Lifesigns charity, dominated by Mary, may not have a website, or offer any services at this time, who can say? Try finding them here:


“I didn’t expect this to happen, when I joined LifeSIGNS in 2003 I didn’t consider myself an ‘owner’ of it, I worked for it. I’m shocked to find that it’s no longer in Wedge’s capable hands.”
Dr. Danny, MBBS – director of LifeSIGNS (2003 – 2005)

“I’m appalled and upset to find that after six years Wedge, who created LifeSIGNS, has had to resign and walk away from all his work – I supported him at the very start and it’s awful to find that the name LifeSIGNS, which he has made famous, is no longer a name I can trust.”
Sara, PO – founding director of LifeSIGNS (2002)

“We set up a democratic organisation in good faith. I always expected Wedge to hold the organisation together, and I’m disappointed to find that our naivety has led to Wedge losing his work on a technicality of ownership.”
Kate, BA – founding director of LifeSIGNS (2002)

“I have advised Wedge to choose his colleagues with more care and it would be a shame if past experience made him cynical and stopped him from offering such a valuable resource to those in need of assistance. I’m very pleased that he and Jules have chosen to move forward and establish FirstSigns, and I’m sure they will reach more people in need than ever before. I look forward to continue working with them and supporting their endeavours.”
Dr. Neil, MB ChB, Psychiatrist, Associate Clinical Teacher

“I had no idea Wedge would relinquish the web address and give up so much of the work I started with him; I expected everything to turn out brilliantly, just as it always does for Wedge’s projects – actually, it has turned out brilliantly, and everything will be better than ever in a few short months I’m sure!”
Laura, HR – founding director of LifeSIGNS and the Newsletter (2002)

“Organisations merger and splits, particularly in the charitable world where passions and a belief in the ‘purpose’ dominate discussion. With the case of FirstSigns I am delighted to hear of the news of the split and the disassociation with previous directors Mary & Sarah. This will let FirstSigns concentrate on being a force for good, while letting Mary and Sarah focus on commercial options available to manipulate and take advantage of vulnerable people coping with self harm affliction. My best wishes, hope and aspirations go out to Wedge & Jules. I am confident that your good work will continue and will improve the lives of others.”
Martin, founding director of LifeSIGNS (2002)

“The difference between Mary and Wedge is that while Mary will be reading this announcement and then lamenting Wedge’s evilness and making sexually abusive comments* within her private message board forum, Wedge will not be reading anything from Mary, and will not be writing anything further about her.”

*Yes, Mary has done this.


  • FB

    Best of luck with everything Wedge (& team), you’ve got everyone behind you so you’re sure to do well!

  • D-Elle

    I’ve only been aware of Lifesigns now FirstSigns for a short time. In that time I’ve recieved lots of help, advice and support.

    I think some hard lessons have been learnt, but it looks to me like Wedge has ‘risen above’ a horrible situation, which could have ‘sucked him in’.
    Instead he has chosen to continue to focus his energy.
    Both he and Jules have moved forward and started afresh with motivation and enthusiasm.

  • Jules

    The level of support Wedge and I, together with FirstSigns, have received has been fantastic. Thank you to everyone who has shown their support in any way.

    I don’t know what will happen with the charity, and quite frankly I don’t care. They are irrelevant to us. It’s what *we* do that matters.

    It’s time to move on now and leave the disgusting behaviour of others behind. Let us not mention the past any more but instead look forwards to the weeks, months and years ahead as Wedge and I, together with our supporters, take FirstSigns to a completely new level.

    I feel privileged to be here at the launch of FirstSigns; working alongside, and for, Wedge as we develop our plans for the future.

    But let nobody be in any doubt that FirstSigns is Wedge’s creation, built on the solid foundations he created and developed seven years ago.

    I work very closely with Wedge, and as we grow and develop we are certain to expand our team. But FirstSigns is, and always will be, Wedge’s organisation.

    Wedge created FirstSigns, Wedge named FirstSigns and Wedge owns FirstSigns.

    Let nobody, present or future, ever forget that.

    Now, we must get on with moving onwards and upwards. Things to do, people to see, worlds to change….

  • Keith

    I have been subjected to Mary’s abuse and bullying in the past and have read some of the things she has said about Wedge and others.

    Mary’s behaviour is really not what you would expect from a director of a charity and in my view it brings the charity into disrepute and is the sort of behaviour that could get the charity suspended by the charity commission.

    LifeSIGNS/FirstSigns got to where it is today through the hard work and dedication of Wedge and not Mary, Mary’s involvement was short lived and small in the grand scheme of things.

    I know that Wedge, along with Jules, will be dedicated and committed to making FirstSigns a great success, of that I have no doubt.

    As for the LifeSIGNS charity? Only time will tell but as things stand now I think it is doomed to failure.

  • Wedge

    Bullying and harassment have been serious issues for us in the past; it’s important to acknowledge where our recent difficulties have come from – but, it’s absolutely vital that we draw a line and only move forward from it.

    We do some incredible work and we’re privileged to work alongside some fantastic volunteers – the future is bright, the future is orange and purple!

  • Nick

    I’ve nothing to say about that woman her behaviour and comments over the past months have disgusted me. I don’t think FirstSigns needs luck, it’s certain to be successful! Wedge, Jules and FirstSigns you have my full support and admiration.

  • sandman

    i’ve seen her sexually abusive comments too. if anyone had cause to sue it would be you. good luck with FirstSigns it will be fab.

  • Biggles

    Mary says she will sue you. Not sure what for as i’ve read her sexually specific comments about this matter and so it will be an interesting fight.


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