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New Announcement FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

In regard to the recent announcement of our name and address change.

Why have you changed your name?

See our announcement; we were forced to relinquish the original domain name owned by Wedge, so we decided that a full brand revamp was needed; our new name reflects our new domain of

Are you still doing the same things?

Yes, pretty much, but we’re also expanding our awareness activities to include the larger subject of ‘self-harm‘. We are also offering more services to professional healthcare workers and we hope to work more closely with professionals than ever before.

Who is running FirstSigns?

Wedge and Jules are running the whole organisation, with support from our Message Board Moderators, volunteers and professional associates.

Why has the address changed?

See the Announcement; after taking legal advice, we felt forced to relinquish the domain name.

Why is there still a LifeSIGNS?

The LifeSIGNS organisation (that Wedge founded in 2002) became a registered Charity in 2006 (Wedge was a founding Trustee) and continues to exist as a registered Charity, so the Trustees of that legal entity can do as they wish, kinda. As far as we can see, the charity only exists on paper and they haven’t actually *done* anything for the last 10 months.

Who is running LifeSIGNS?

We don’t really know; legally, Cel Foulger, Sarah Jupp and Mary Hillery are the Trustees, but whether they even talk to each other is anyone’s guess. Clearly, Mary dominates the legal entity known as LifeSIGNS, and perhaps Sarah has ambitions to resurrect the name.

Why aren’t you working together?

Please see our announcement – simply put, it was a ‘management fall out’. Wedge and Jules felt that it was important to put the members first, and ensure we provide information for free, and that, as a team, we work within our approved and agreed guidelines and procedures. Mary and Sarah felt that as Trustees they didn’t need to work within the rules and started acting outside of our agreed procedures, and spoke of an aim to publish a book, one that would never be available for free download, only for hard cash in the shops. Add to this the awful working relationships we had and it’s obvious that Wedge and Jules needed to leave.

How will this affect me?

It can affect you as much or as little as you like. We would like to welcome you to our new web address ( ) and we apologise if you can’t find all of our services on Google easily, but an address change damages our search results.

What about Facebook / Bebo / MySpace / Twitter?

Yes, over the coming weeks, we’ll update all of our Social Network pages to reflect our new name and new logo.

Are you doing anything new?

Yes! We’re already launched a Message Board exclusively for professional healthcare workers, and we intend to provide more and more information aimed at professionals.

Can I book training?

Yes, your organisation can book us to visit and train your people; however, the training we offer is very good value for money and very very popular, and so it may take some time to agree a suitable date.

Are you accepting research / media requests?

These are not our priority, but we might be able to help. Later in the year we may well have more time to help students and the media.

What’s the Message Board address now?

Currently it is however, it will soon change to in line with our main website.

What’s your email address now?

Is the phone number changing?

No. At least, we intend it to remain the same, however, Wedge might change to a new service provider so it *might* change!

Is the new logo permanent now?

No. We’ve been taking feedback on the design and some people have submitted some great ideas for improvements, although in general people like the new logo with the hollow words and the orange capsule!

Can I still write to Dr. Neil?

Yes, we’re thrilled to work with Dr. Neil and it’s so great to be able to email him isn’t it and get a real doctor’s insight? If you email him, please remember that you will remain anonymous and your Question and Answer may appear on our website and newsletter.

What’s the Newsletter called?

SHINES – for the time being!

Is this why the Newsletter has been delayed?

Yes and no; the Newsletter has been delayed because we’re working flat out to get the re-branded website finished, plus we’re swamped with emails!

How do I update my email address for the Mailing List / Newsletter?

Use this link, or if that’s a bit hard, email with *all* your name and email details and a polite request.

I’m not happy, how do I complain?

If you’d like to submit a specific improvement idea, or let us know about something that you don’t think is great, please drop us a polite email to – can you believe that some people waste their time sending us impolite emails and rants? We don’t read or reply to rude mails!

How do I donate?

You can donate directly with PayPal by sending a payment to or see this page: Contribute / Donate

What about Wristbands and Keyrings?

The 2008 wristbands and keyrings are no longer available – thanks for all your support with them!

NEW wristbands and keyrings will be ready for January / February 2009, in time for Self-Injury Awareness Day (1st March).

What about Self-Injury Awareness Day?

We’ll work hard to get some fab info and posters online for February 2008 to help you raise awareness in your real-life and online communities in time for the 1st of March.

How can I help?

We are always looking for short articles for our newsletter and website, together with book reviews, personal accounts and experiences, poetry and artwork for our Confessions Board . Please email or upload your artwork directly from the web page.

To our members – thank you !

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