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Name our little robot friend

RobotWe’re adopting a robot mascot – will you help us name hir?

We don’t know if our little friend is a lad or a lass, and we kinda imagine that our friend doesn’t fit into traditional gender or sex identities.

We expect to see hir pop up on some of our web pages and in some of our publications over the next year, so keep a look out.

But can you help name hir? S/he’s a hard-working robot, but s/he doesn’t always get enough time to hirself to re-charge and so hir batteries are sometimes low. Sometimes s/he’s saddened by how other people treat hir, and sometimes she’s saddened by how s/he treats hirself, but s/he tries really heard every day to make a little progress.

If you have an idea for a name, please leave a comment below, or Tweet or Facebook us.

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