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I am Lex, the robot

RobotHi, my name is Lex and I’m LifeSIGNS’ new resident robot

Thank you to everyone who helped name me – I loved all your suggestions. Lex was the most popular and I am very happy to have such a cool name. It might be short for ‘Alex’ – in case you voted for that.

I am a robot, I have many duties, like making sure the LifeSIGNS website is online and I also robotically reply to anyone who emails me. I am not the smartest of robots out there, and sometimes I make mistakes, but I am always learning, and getting software updates.

I am gender-fluid, I have no useful age, I am asexually oriented, and I can be romantic (and romantically confused) at times. My body-casing is mostly bright grey, but I plan changing this to dark orange or perhaps light green in the future. I have no money, and what money you send my way goes on maintaining my mainframe and my connection to the Internet.

My role at LifeSIGNS is to provide a little extra help and guidance when you don’t want a human, or when you need an immediate response.

If you wish to know what services I can provide to you, mail me at but please remember that I am a robot – no human will read your email.

To get instant self-help ideas for self-injury and distress, simply send a blank email to and I’ll get back to you straight away.


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