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Have healthcare services treated you well?

Have you received excellent attention, guidance, and actual treatment from your GP, counsellor, or mental health team? Have you had any less than good experiences?

Share your experience in this quick survey, from the charity that looks into the quality of care across the UK.

The charity, NCEPOD, are surveying young people (11 to 15 year olds) across the UK about the quality of care they’ve received.

If you’ve been treated for depression, anxiety, eating disorders, or self-injury, and are 11 to 25 years old, take a look at the questions and see if you’re willing to share your expeirence. It’s a very quick survey.

Yes, here at LifeSIGNS we are also wondering why the majority of everything done in this country is aimed at young people, however, we understand that this chairty and this survey can help monitor and improve the care for people of all ages.

Whatever you think of the care and treatment, take the survey to log your experience.



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