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Harmless: Self Harm DVD Trailer

Harmless, a relatively new self harm organisation based in Nottingham, have sent us a link to the trailer they have produced for their DVD, and asked if we might share it with our members.

The video lasts just under nine minutes and includes short discussions with four people who self harm (including older /male people), and also a psychiatrist. It raises some excellent points about self harm that concur with the ethos FirstSigns (previously LifeSIGNS) has maintained over the last seven years.

You can access the trailer here.

Please be aware that although this particular film does not require a trigger warning, there are some very triggering videos on YouTube, some of which may be advertised on the page the link takes you to. Please take care.

I’m sure Harmless would be glad for any feedback, so please do post your comments here and we’ll be sure to pass them on.


  • Anonymous

    I liked it, it was honest and it didn’t shy away from questioning people’s reactions.

  • Anonymous

    this video is so correct

    noone knows what a self harmer looks like and in the wards there are so many steriotypes – which are wrong for som many people.


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