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Happy new year, let’s make it a good one

What’s your focus for 2010? What ever you resolve to do, whatever ambitions and goals you wish to achieve, I hope you’ll keep an eye on your health and happiness every day.

There’s so much to get done isn’t there? The world seems to speed up and time flies faster and faster. Through all the ‘important’ and ‘urgent’ matters, remember to take time for yourself and to create personal space where you can be ‘you’ for a time.

Make 2010 your best year; if you’re looking back and thinking that you haven’t really done anything in 2009, well, firstly, quit being do hard on yourself – you’re certain to have achieved a lot – and secondly, decide what you simply must achieve in 2010 and then write it down somewhere. Make a little list of five or six things that need to be done to make sure you reach your goal. All big things are made of little things, and if you take little steps every day towards your goal you’ll be there before you know it.

“Does this make me happy?” the boy asked. “No” he concluded, “so I won’t do it”.

“Will this bring me closer to my goal?” the woman wondered. “Yes” she reckoned, “let’s get it on!”.

It’s all about little steps. You can have big, world-shaking ambitions (awesome!) but it’s the little steps that will get you there. Write a few of the little things down so you’re sure of your direction. January is such a good month for reflection and goal setting. A fresh crisp year ahead of you!

Beyond that, I know Jules and our Message Board Moderators and organisation supporters will want to join me in wishing you a good new year, a great new year.

You’ve helped us so much in 2009, we’ve created, published, printed, sold and shared so many things this last year, and your support of our calendar (buy now!) and our book (coming in March) has meant so much to us. We do these cool web and real-life things for you, and we can only continue to do so with your support. Thank you.

All the best,

Wedge, Jules and FirstSigns / LifeSIGNS

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  • Andy

    All the best to Wedge and Jules – FirstSigns for 2010. Just to let you know Wedge I am going to cite your article in my research re: Self Expressions Inside Out – what an absolutely brilliant article. So clear and realistic. Thank you

  • Jules

    I can’t really add to everything Wedge has already said, except to say that I am delighted to join him in wishing you all a healthy and happy 2010.

    Thank you to all our supporters, and I look forward to continue working with Wedge as FirstSigns / LifeSIGNS begins a new decade of doing great things.


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