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Glasgow Strategy Meeting

Jules and I spent a night in Glasgow at the weekend to meet Trevor, a professional social entrepreneur and expert fund raiser.

FirstSigns must grow – we’ve been bigger in the past and we’d get more work done and have a greater impact if we had more people involved and more money to support the information and web services we provide. Jules works incredibly hard on a daily basis (including weekends) to keep on top of our Message Board, Facebook, Bebo, MySpace, Twitter, email and administrative duties, and I do my best to keep up with her! We both want to make FirstSigns better so we can support more people to consider their options and seek health and happiness on their own terms. We love what we’ve done, and we love our members and supporters – we just want to do more!

We were very grateful for Trevor’s offer of advice and guidance. He has a very interesting background in charity, and he’s currently doing some incredible work in East Africa, helping women run their own co-operative businesses. We wouldn’t be able to afford such expertise without Trevor’s desire to help us, so our thanks go to Trevor for making himself freely available to us.



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